May 13, 2019 Andre' du Toit 0

I. Introduction The Dark Hotel cyber threat first emerged on the radar in the mid-2000s, introducing a new era of targeted cyber-espionage. Operating with a […]

The Mirai Botnet

December 2, 2018 Andre' du Toit 0

I. Introduction Emerging in 2016, Mirai’s primary objective is the compromising and control of a multitude of IoT devices, leveraging their combined computing power for […]

The OWASP Top 10

November 28, 2018 Andre' du Toit 0

The non-profit Open Web Application Security Project (OWASP – https://www.owasp.org/) provides a list of 10 Risks to Web Application Security to guide architects, developers and […]

The ACSC Essential Eight

November 20, 2018 Andre' du Toit 0

Australia’s Cyber Security Centre (ACSC – https://www.acsc.gov.au/) provides a list of eight mitigation strategies (the Essential Eight) with practical guidelines for organisations to follow in […]